Sri Vishnu Educational Society was established in the year 1992 with a long cherished ambition to promote and disseminate knowledge and serve the cause of education, in general and technical / professional education, in particular.

With this lofty aim in mind, this society in collaboration with Dr. B.V.Raju Foundation launched several Institutions in various campuses.

The management started Dr. B.V.Raju Institute of Technology in the academic year 1997 - 98 and a Public School in 2003 in Narsapur, Medak District, Seeta Public School at Mallareddy gudem Nalgonda Dt.

Bhimavaram, the central part of coastal Andhra, is famous and is generally well- known for commercial and Agricultural activities due to its rich surroundings. However, recently it has also become a centre for academic activities attracting many Professional Institutions of higher learning as well as health care.

The campus, pollution free, is located in Vishnupur, 3 km from Bhimavaram, on Tadepalligudem Road. The campus, spread over about 100 Acres of serene scenic landscape, is ideal for studies and is unique in this entire region.

Main features of the campus are accommodation for different colleges with fully equipped Laboratories, Lecture, Drawing and Seminar Halls apart from the common central facilities.

Common facilities for Sports & Games, Stadium, Auditorium, good Land scaping, Green lawns and Trees in the campus create an excellent ambience, conducive for academic environment.

Sri Vishnu Educational Society was established in the year 1992 with a long cherished ambition to promote and disseminate knowledge and serve the cause of education, in general and technical / professional education, in particular.

The founder Chairman of the Society was Padmabhushan Dr. B.V. Raju, who hailed from a humble agricultural family of Kumudavalli near Bhimavaram. He was a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Benaras Hindu University (BHU) and also a Post Graduate in Management from Harvard University, USA.

He started his career in the Cement Industry and over a span of six decades established a number of cement factories in India and abroad and was considered to be a doyen of the Cement Industry. He served as Chairman of Cement Corporation of India.

After having made a mark in the Industrial sector, Dr. B.V. Raju decided to contribute towards the development of Education and also social causes. Towards meeting these objectives, he set up Dr. B.V.Raju Foundation and Sri Vishnu Educational Society.

In recognition of his services to Educational sector and society at large, he was awarded Doctorate by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad and was conferred the coveted Padmabhushan by the Government of India.

Sri K.V Vishnu Raju, the Managing Director of Anjani Portland Cement Ltd., Hyderabad has taken over as the Chairman after the demise of the founder Chairman.

He graduated in chemical Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Thiruchirappalli, obtained Masters degree from the prestigious Michigan Technological University, USA and worked for two years in Du-Pont, one of the Worlds top ranking U.S. Chemical industries.

Sri K.V. Vishnu Raju is the motivating force in steering and expanding the horizons of the Foundation and Society towards excellence in all its academic and professional endeavours.



Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy                                             - 1997 - 98

Smt. B. Seetha Polytechnic                                                         - 1997 - 98
Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Computer Education                             - 1999 - 00
Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women                           - 2001 - 02
Vishnu Dental College                                                               - 2002 - 03
Vishnu Public School                                                                   - 2003 - 04
Vishnu Institute of Technology                                                   - 2008 - 09


                    Dr. B.V Raju Knowledge Center


                    Sita Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


                    Dr. B.V.Raju Institute of Technology                                                           - 1997 - 98
                    Vishnu Public School                                                                                           - 2003 - 04
                    Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (VIPER)


                   Seetha Public School                                                                                           - 2005 - 06


Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women

                   Electronics and Communication Engineering
                   Computer Science and Engineering
                   Electrical and Electronics Engineering
                   Information Technology
                   Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Smt. B. Seetha Polytechnic

                   Computer Science and Engineering (DCME)
                   Electronics and Communication Engineering (DECE)
                   Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DEEE)
                   Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (DEIE)

Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy

                   B. Pharmacy
                   M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology)

Dr. B.V. Raju Institute of Computer Education.

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
                   B.Sc., Degree courses
                   Maths, Physics, Chemistry
                   Maths, Physics, Electronics
                   Maths, Statistics, Computer Sc.
                   Maths, Electronics, Computer Sc.
                   Microbiology, Bio Technology, Bio Chemistry
                   Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Chemistry

Vishnu Dental College –

                   Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Vishnu Public School

                   - L.K.G. to 10th standard (State Syllabus)

                  The house of Founder Chairman at kumudavalli village is converted in a Knowledge centre which provides following Facilities for School Children of Zilla Parishad and Municipal High Schools in and around Bhimavaram.

                   Lecture Hall with audio-visual teaching aids.
                   State of art computer Lab.
                   Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences Laboratories
                   Modern Library
                   Transport Facility


Radio Vishnu 90.4 Station was inaugurated in our campus on 15th April 2007. F.M. Radio programmes are broadcasted for the benefit of the student community.

His Excellency Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, President of India has visited our campus and addressed our students on 9th January 2006.


In a short span of 3 to 4 years both the Foundation and the Society could render several SOCIAL SERVICE ACTIVITIES keeping "Village Development" concept in mind covering, social, educational, housing, health, hygiene, water supply, uplift of Women and other infrastructure developments.

Though our activities are spread over at several places in Telangana & Coastal Districts in the state we have taken up some Villages in and around Bhimavaram for development to convert them into model villages.


A School building with 6 Classrooms have been constructed and provided with furniture in existing higher elementary School, Kumudavalli at a cost of Rs.20 Lakhs. Now the school is up-graded into a High School.

A School building at a cost of Rs.15 Lakhs is constructed in Narasimha Raju Puram a hamlet attached to Kumudavalli Village.

A School building at a cost of Rs.15 Lakhs is constructed in Harijanawada of Kumudavalli.

About 150 educational scholarships of different denomination worth about Rs.3,50,000/- are being distributed every year to poor & intelligent students of all levels from primary to P.G.Courses, from all religious, caste and communities.

75 - 3 seater desks have been donated to Six-class rooms in ZP School in Durgapuram near Educational Academy in Bhimavaram.

6 Classroom accommodation has been constructed to the existing High School in Dirusumarru another village at 6KM away from Bhimavaram at a cost of Rs.15 Lakhs.

Constructed one elementary school in 19th ward of Bhimavaram for the children of Leprosy people and also for tribal people in that area since these children are not allowed to study in the regular schools at a cost of Rs.7.75 Lakhs.


72 Housing plots were carved out of 3 Ac. Land purchased in the out skirts of Kumudavalli and distributed to poor people of the village. The area was also fully developed at our own cost with drinking water, roads, streetlights, school buildings etc.,

42 housing plots are carved out of 1.25 Ac land purchased near Harizanawada of Kumudavalli and handed over to revenue department for distribution to homeless families, mainly Harizans.

Building material and cash donations were given to build houses to those who rendered homeless near our Academy of education.


A cash donation of Rs.10 Lakhs has been given to FML rehabitation centre for Leprosy patients at Sringavriksham near Bhimavaram and Rs.2 Lakhs to Leprosy Hospital in Narsapuram, W.G.District.

A community hall was also constructed at FML Leprosy center for them.

100 bags of paddy are being donated to feed the patients at the F.M.L Leprosy center and 100 bags of paddy to Leprosy Hospital in Narsapuram, and 200 bags to Leprosy Center in 19th ward of Bhimavaram every year. (Total 400 bags of paddy per year.)

Rs.50,000/- worth of medicines for leprosy patients and another Rs.50,000/- worth of medicines for AIDS patients per year are being given at free of cost to St. Mary’s Leprosy Centre, Bhimavaram.

Clothes, Rugs, fruits and sweets are distributed twice in a year to all patients and workers of all the above centers on the occasion of Founder Chairman’s Birth and Death Anniversaries.

An amount of about Rs.1.00 Lakh to Rs.1.25 Lakh is spent to help poor & sick people who undergo operations and who suffer from long diseases.

Constructed a small medical Clinic to treat the leprosy patients in the 19th Ward of Bhimavaram where about 400 leprosy patients are staying. Experienced Doctor in treating leprosy patients visit this Clinic 3 days in a week and an nurse shall provide treatment daily. Monthly pensions are being distributed to the leprosy patients.


R.C.C well rings, water closet seats and traps required for borewell, latrines were distributed to 30 families in Narasimha Raju Puram near Kumudavalli. 70 more sets are distributed to harizanawada inhabitants in Kumudavalli.


3 Acs of land was donated to Panchayati Samithi of Kumudavalli Village for water storage tank for drinking water purposes and a cash donation of Rs. 1 Lakh award, made for drainage pipe line etc.,

A Water tanker of the foundation is distributing water from Bhimavaram Municipal over head tank to Durgapuram, a slum area near the Academy. The maintenance cost of the vehicle is about Rs.20,000/- per month which is being borne by The Foundation.

A Community Hall (along with 3 sewing machines) is constructed and donated to the residents of drivers’ colony in Kovvada Village in the neighborhood of our Academy of Education.

4 Community Halls are constructed in the Kumudavalli village.

10 Sewing machines are donated to the Mahila Mandal of Durgapuram an area of our neighborhood.


A Community Hall is constructed in Rajakula colony in Kumudavalli for their regular use for ironing of clothes etc., and also for social functions.

A community Hall is also constructed in Subbarayudu Peta of Kumudavalli Village for working class people living there.

Red gravel metal is supplied for laying main road and 20 by lanes in harizanawada and other places, where working class people live in Kumudavalli, 40 Concrete Poles are also donated to supply electricity. Red gravel is also supplied for laying 200-m long road in Durgapuram near our Academy of Education.

Cash donation was given to Veeresalingam library for re-construction or renovation. It is one of the oldest libraries in the State, started in 1889.

Cash donation was also given for construction of Village Panchayat office building at Kumudavalli.

Donated Rs.10.00 Lakhs for developing a Park for the Public use in the name of Dr. B.V.Raju Municipality Park and Veeramma Pond in the heart of Bhimavaram Town.


Our Foundation keeps secular attitude in providing help for these activities and the following are the works on hand.

A donation of Rs.4.12 lakhs is given to Sri Someswara Janardhana swamy temple of Bhimavaram for construction of Raja Gopuram. We have also donated a silver sheathing costing about Rs.80, 000/- to Shiva Lingam in the temple.

A cash donation of Rs.25,000/- was given to Anjaneya temple constructed near Durgapuram.

A cash donation of Rs.25,000/- is also given for each of 3 Ramalayam temples and Durgadevi temple in Kumudavalli village.
(Total Rs.1 Lakh)

The Foundation donated Rs.10,000/- for the construction of a now Mosque and Rs.10,000/- for the Renovation of an old Mosque in Bhimavaram.

We have also given Rs. 1 Lakh for reconstruction of Church at Mission compound - Bhimavaram.

We have also constructed a Church opposite to our Academy in Durgapuram at a cost of Rs.4.75 Lakhs.
We have given Rs.10,000/- each to 3 Churches, in Rayalam, Mogallu and Akiveedu, Rs.50,000/- and another Rs.25,000/- for Churches in Kumudavalli for Renovation or for Reconstruction of old churches in the above villages.

Constructed one Church in the 19th ward of Bhimavaram specially for the Leprosy people and Yanadis (Tribal people) living in that area at a cost of Rs.3.50 Lakhs.

Recently our Chairman was kind enough to donate Rs. 1 crore worth of Anjani Cement for Indiramma Housing Scheme beneficiaries during the visit of our Chief Minister Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy garu on 2nd February 2007 to our campus.