APRIL 15th of 2007,Sunday Evening 5:30 pm was a defining moment in the history of Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women, as it is the day when Radio Vishnu 90.4 was launched by Dr J. Rameswara Rao, chairman & MD Myhome Industries Limited. The airwaves came alive as Radio Vishnu 90.4 said People of Bhimavaram and surrounding.... Embarking upon yet another path-breaking initiative, Andhra Pradesh's first talk-based radio station only for Education.

Radio Vishnu 90.4 is the first campus based community radio in Andhra Pradesh. RADIO VISHNU 90.4 aired from the smallest, completely digital, tape less, and multi purpose Studio, from the campus of Vishnu Educational Society to most of Bhimavaram (for 5 kms ).

RADIO VISHNU 90.4 is on 7 days a week between the hours of 6.00AM - 10.00AM, 12:00 Noon 08:00 PM. As a community Station, RADIO VISHNU 90.4 strives to provide points of view expressed in the mainstream media. As a non-commercial station, RADIO VISHNU 90.4 takes pride in being an alternative to mainstream media. A small staff, several volunteers from the Departments of Campus Colleges, department coordinators and many general volunteers drawn from the campus of Vishnu Educational Society and community at large run the station. RADIO VISHNU 90.4 welcomes new volunteers, especially those who are interested in non-commercial media, to participate in the station programs. RADIO VISHNU 90.4 has variety of programmes supporting the involvement of students service announcements, event announcements and socially relevant stories for on-air broadcast. Send them by by hand or regular mail to the Programming Department. The station is developing a closer connection with the campus and community and continues to work on improving and strengthening its programming.

Radio Vishnu 90.4 strives to provide radio programs that are innovative and reflective of the diverse voices of our campus and surrounding community. We provide music and information that is not covered by mainstream media. We strive to achieve perfection by involving the community for preparing the programmes, which are targetted to serve the very same community.